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Again, high price, slow service, non-unique product, poor location, etc.

Describe 3 different visitors to your site, and what they do on your site.

(Examples, Fred logs on to compare your product to another, downloads some data sheets, reads customer testimonials, and sends a question to the website ‘answer man’. Or, Susan browses through current offerings to select a birthday gift for her daughter; she is impressed by the ease of ordering and clicks the button to share the website with a friend. Or, Erin visits to contribute her dog story to the website, she signs up for a free drawing for a T shirt, and browses the links for help with dog training. )

Be specific and detailed. The better you describe potential visitors, the better your website will meet your needs.

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Use this opportunity to think of businesses that benefit when you do well. (Hot dog vendors would list mustard sellers). List web addresses as well as names if you can.

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